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Taska PVA Breakdown Bag Kit 55mm x 120mm - Qty 2 TAS1487

£ 6.45 each Brand: Taska

Taska PVA Breakdown Kit Comes with PVA Bag up-loader which makes creating PVA bags easy, fast and simple to use. This kit also comes with Taska PVA Breakdown bag. These PVA Bags are manufactured using the highest quality grade of PVA, that are textured to ensure easy opening and easy loading, whilst being extremely robust. The melting time on average is 10 to 15 seconds and fully dissolves without any trace of residue within 2-3 minutes. Theyre suitable for use with oil based liquids and flavourings. The complete PVA bag range from Taska will cover all your fishing requirements. TAS1487 PVA Breakdown Bag Kit 55mm x 120mm TAS1488 PVA Breakdown Bag Kit 65mm x 140mm TAS1489 PVA Breakdown Bag Kit 75mm x 160mm TAS1490 PVA Breakdown Bag Kit 85mm x 175mm

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