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Nash Zig Bugs Action Bugs Barbless (3 per pack) T7716

£ 5.99 each Brand: Nash

Movement and the resulting vibration is an almost universal stimulus amongst fish, whether artificial or real. Bringing fish from longer distances to investigate than using visual triggers alone, the deliberately exaggerated features of Action Bugs encourage carp to instinctively grab at the hook bait once it is located. Each packet contains three different Action Bug patterns. Available in micro barbed and barbless. Black Damsel A proven lethal pattern for trout and we found exactly the same when they were put in front of carp! Blood Worm Bloom The most notorious of all the natural foods, rather than grazing in silt carp often locate them by movement as they wriggle and rise to the surface with an associated air pocket. Vibrating Spider These terrestrials are regularly blown into the surface film during the warmer months. Easily recognised and at times abundant they are readily accepted by carp.

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