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Nash Zig Bugs Floater Hookbaits Barbless (3 per pack) T7736

£ 5.99 each Brand: Nash

f youre sick of surface baits like dog biscuits falling off the hook just when carp are getting competitive, Zig Bug Floater Hookbaits are the answer. Not strictly Bug hookbaits but using the same proven deception of imitation for the best in surface fishing results. Using proven fly fishing techniques and durable materials such as deer hair and marabou these artificial surface baits retain consistent buoyancy at all times, and can be repeatedly cast with confidence even at extreme range. Tied to sticky sharp Fang Uni hooks, each packet contains three different Floater Hookbait patterns. Available in micro barbed and barbless. Riser Pellet The biggest edge for surface fishing yet found by Kevin and his close friends, Riser Pellet takes fisheries by storm. Careful observation of the carps dramatic feeding response to these slicks of floating micro pellets resulted in the development of a dedicated artificial hook bait that has been shown to trip up even the wariest surface feeders time and time again. The ultimate surface hook bait. Dog Biscuit Tried, tested and trusted, the dog biscuit is the bait of choice for a lot of surface anglers and this artificial version is as good as imitations get. Readily accepted amongst dog and cat biscuit free offerings it takes flavours and dips brilliantly, making it a must for any carp anglers box. Bread Too many drawbacks prevent bread being the bait of choice on the surface until now. The white marabou camouflages the hook without reducing its hooking potential, and this can be cast and recast, even at extreme range where no one has ever been able to fish bread hook baits before. Try this one before someone else does!

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