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Nash Helicoptor Safe Rig Tube Diffusion Camo (3 per pack) T8124

£ 5.39 each Brand: Nash

Designed with input from the Nash team of top consultants the Tube Helicopter kit gives you ready to go helicopter end tackles for long range casting, soft bottoms and chod rigs. Using large ring helicopter swivels trapped between Diffusion Camo beads, the beads can be moved up or down the tube to suit different swims and alter the hooking and casting properties of your end tackle. Each length of tubing is already pre-threaded. Tie your main line to the loop at the end of the tube, pull the small ring at the front of the tube until your line pulls through and tie the supplied Link Clip on. Leads can be changed and easily removed from the clip to suit the swim and range being fished, as well as removed at the end of a session. The quickest, safest and most effective helicopter systems available. Finished in Diffusion Camo they also offer the most effective concealment. Three end tackles per packet, each including 65cm of tubing.

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