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Taska In Line Lead Inserts Camou Brown 120mm - Qty 10 TAS1613

£ 2.85 each Brand: Taska

These extra long In Line Inserts are the crucial component when fishing the super-quick and efficient method of fishing solid PVA bags known as the lick, twist 'n stick technique. Simply remove the standard insert from an inline lead and replace it with the longer 120mm insert. Then proceed to make your solid PVA bag until you need to seal the top. Now here's the best bit - with the longer insert protruding from the top of the bag all you need to do is lightly lick your fingers, grip the top of the PVA bag and twist. The bag will compact and stick securely around the insert, removing any need to tie-off the bag with PVA tape or string. - Available in brown and green colours to match you colour tone of your lead and fishing situation. 10 per pack

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