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Taska Core Zero 45lb Chod Release Leaders 1200mm Camou - Qty 2 TAS1478

£ 6.99 each Brand: Taska

The development of this Taska new Core Zero Lead Release Leader System, now gives the angler the choice of safely losing the lead when chod & helicopter fishing. The system has to be the neatest and most effective release system on the Market today. The unique multi-holed buffer bead gives you a choice of pressures needed to eject the lead should a fish become weeded up. The leaders come in a Camou design, with the added benefit of the system being compatible with most leadcore leaders, including core zero and the naked mono approach. This system is one of the easiest lead release leader systems available, being exceptionally easy to attach to the mainline by simply tying your required knot to the leader and you are ready to cast-out.

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