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Taska iCore 45lb Chod Leaders Weedy Green 1200mm - Qty 3 TAS1476

£ 4.99 each Brand: Taska

The Taska iCore ready tied chod leaders come in two colours 45lb camo brown and 45lb weedy green, with every one using chod rigs, the need to have the leader spliced properly that's why we have taken the stress of this from you, the chod rig is ideal for fishing over weed or a very silty lake bed, this type of rig is ideal for the angler that turns up at a lake and sees fish jumping all he has to do is cast a chod rig out and he's fishing, the chod leader is easy to attach to the mainline all you have to do is tie a loop in your mainline the pass the mainline loop through the spliced loop on the leader then pass the iCore through the loop in the mainline then wet both ends and pull tight.

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