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MAX5 Polar Zone+ Boots - Size 10 48013

MAX5 Polar Zone+ Boots - Size 10
£ 119.99 each Brand: Prologic

Size 10

Feed up with often clumsy moon boot style footwear to keep your feet warm in winter?  Well these are a great alternative.

Built to last with ultra durable materials and very insulated yet easy to walking.  Recommended for the winter roving anglers amongst us!
The soles of these boots are designed to have a self cleaning action to them a bit like having 4 wheel drive on your feet really.
Features include the following:

    •    Rock hard Thermo-Armour 4 season boots built to battle the elements.
    •    Durable, abrasion resistant, reinforced protection on all exposed areas.
    •    100% waterproof, tough and durable.
    •    Excellent deep toothed, wide spaced, self clearing multi grip rubber sole.
    •    Quick pull lacing system with long durable laces.
    •    Well insulated, breathable THINSULATE™ lining.

Available in the following sizes 9 and 10

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